Agency awarded 'green' grant

September 21, 2012


JACKSON, Ga.—Last spring McIntosh Trail ECDC Inc. won a grant to help improve energy efficiency at the Spalding County Head Start/Early Head Start/Pre-K center and “green” the facility.

Grants To Green

The assessment award consists of an energy audit, during which engineers from Southface Energy Institute will visit the Spalding County center to assess its energy and water use, mechanical systems (e.g. heating and cooling) and explore opportunities for energy and water savings. Findings will then be compiled into a report and presented to the Board of Directors.

"The benefit of implementing these recommendations goes well beyond the cost savings," said Elaine K. Brown, the agency’s Head Start and Pre-K director. "Not only will the agency be able to divert these savings to the program and clients, the changes will also have a positive impact on the environment."

Launched in 2008, the Grants to Green Initiative gives nonprofits the opportunity to renovate or build healthier work places that are energy and water efficient and environmentally efficient and provides environmentally focused knowledge and funding to strengthen nonprofits in the Atlanta region. The founding partners of Grants to Green are The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta ( providing expertise in grant making, and Southface ( providing expertise in energy efficiency.

For more information about McIntosh Trail, call (770) 775-4293 or send an email to

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