Federal panel rates Head Start program fully compliant

February 14, 2009


JACKSON, Ga.—The Administration for Children and Families conducted an on-site monitoring review of McIntosh Trail Early Childhood Development Council's Head Start program in December of 2008. 

This is a triennal review which is required by the Office of Head Start and focuses on how well the program is meeting more than 2,000 Performance Standards, laws, regulations, and policy requirements.

It was determined that McIntosh Trail Head Start  was in compliance with all the applicable requirements and no recommendations were made for improvment.

"This is wonderful news," said Elaine K. Brown, Director. "We are happy to be able to say that we have received similar results several times over the last few years."

Additional strengths were also noted such as the nutrition program for the children and families, the family and classroom literacy initiative, and collaboratives with several local colleges and universities.

McIntosh Trail serves children in seven counites through the Head Start and Pre-K program.

For more information about McIntosh Trail, call (770) 775-4293 or send an email to elaine@mcintoshtrail.org.

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