McIntosh Trail hosts leadership development training

May 19, 2011


JACKSON, Ga.—Nearly two-dozen employees at McIntosh Trail Early Childhood Development Council in recent weeks have participated in leadership development classes.

The monthly classes, which are aimed at developing employee’s leadership potential, began last February and were offered to all employees at the agency interested in increasing their management and leadership skills.

“Development has always been a priority at McIntosh Trail,” said Elaine K. Brown, the agency’s Head Start and Pre-K director. “Employees are valued as the agency’s greatest resource for success.”

Twenty-three employees so far have gone through the classes. Leadership self-assessment, the history of Head Start, Pre-K, and the agency were among the topics covered.

Participants also studied the qualities of leaders, goals versus change, values, and forming and “growing” teams. The sessions culminated with an all day broadcast of LeaderCast, an annual leadership development program sponsored by Chick-fil-A.  More than 50 agency employees and board members attended Voices of Change.

The theme of LeaderCast was to take management and leadership to a higher level. Leadership Development classes will resume in the fall and once again be open to all employees who wish to participate.

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